THE INSTITUTE OF I/O PSYCHOLOGY is a non-profit dedicated to advancing the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. It is currently developing curriculum and working towards credentialing to create a doctoral program for licensing as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist in Hawai'i. This program will be based on Occupational Health Psychology (OHP). OHP at THE INSTITUTE OF I/O PSYCHOLOGY will focus primarily on the Psychology of Law.

"The Psychology of Law is defined as a self-organizing system of internal textual depth in the

social structures of governed rules, impetus, and syntax."

This perspective provides learners with the fundamentals of psychology by understanding the meaning of text. The program blends Artificial Intelligence to understand human behavior through meta-cognition. THE INSTITUTE OF I/O PSYCHOLOGY anticipates its launch in the summer of 2022. It is currently teaming up with Massey University of New Zealand.

THE INSTITUTE OF I/O PSYCHOLOGY recently published in the Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with Project GLOW at Massey University.