It seems like only yesterday 2020 had just begun. △MES has been steadily providing direct psychological and consulting services to our most vulnerable and mentally ill populations during the duration of this COVID-19 pandemic. We specialize in industrial and clinical therapy services for organizations, families, and individuals.

We turn the page of our new chapter in 2021 having served on a Human Rights Commission, the American Red Cross, published in the United Nations Encyclopedia on a Global Living Organizational Wage (GLOW) 2021, and expanded our direct clinical care services into California.

We learned during these processes how we can leverage technology to provide more precise and effective direct mental health services in Intensive Outpatient Programs, Individual Psychotherapies, and in Community Mental Health environments without any critical incidents.

△MES is currently engaged in the research on the Psychology of Law, which analyzes the organizational structure of texts (rules, policies, and laws) for their psychological states, the collective consciousness / unconsciousness of policy (i.e., impact of lobbying groups on mental health care), as an applied approach to assess, diagnosis, and provide its treatment. This formed the foundation for The Institute of Industrial/Organizational Psychology (www.φ.institute). We intend to publish its results in Hawai'i (’s) P|RIM HUB a partnership with the Massey University, New Zealand at Project GLOW.

△MES is currently developing a Mental Healthcare API product to help reduce the workload on mental health providers by automating clinical processes, creating infrastructures to increase the precision of diagnoses, and increase treatment effectiveness. We anticipate this will help save the government, insurance providers, and clinicians monies in the overall costs in delivering mental health care. This will also increase access to mental health services since many communities have been economically devastated by the pandemic and must rebalance their budgets. △MES is using AI to analyze our work and taking an in-depth analysis of the psychological nature of mental health care services. We hope this information will provide a better understanding and improve the overall mental health of our communities.

△MES understands with the emergence of new technologies, new divisions of mental healthcare will be automated. We are actively seeking to collaborate with other likemind institutions, policymakers, developers, creators, and clinicians to develop new learning opportunities for students. The Institute of Industrial/Organizational Psychology is repurposing its perspective of Industrial/Organizational Psychology to the school of public health. We understand this will help distinguish this field from closely related fields in Occupational Health Psychology.

△MES believes with this model integration to technology we can help to repurpose parts of Hawai'i ('s) tourism sector to improve healthcare in general. We invite you to collaborate with us on some of our projects at www.ames.ltd. You may reach us directly for more information at info@ames.ltd. We wish you a healthy and safe holiday season.


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